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☛ As a visitor, what all can I do in ?
  • ✔ You may view posted jobs, casting roles, service profiles, films posted, classified ads posted, events posted & signup for a free account.
  • ☛ What are the advantages of creating an account in ?
  • ✔ Creating an account in is free of cost. A registered member can apply for posted jobs, place interest on casting roles posted, create and promote service profiles, post jobs, post casting roles, post films, place ads, create notice board about events, create a personal live diary.
  • ☛ How do I create my account ?
  • ✔ Click on the Sign in button that will take you to the login page. Reigster with a new account or login using your facebook/Google account.
  • ☛ I forgot my password! How do I recover my password ?
  • ✔ Click on the forgot password link in the login page and follow instructions.
  • ☛ How do I access my account/user profile ?
  • ✔ Click on the Sign in button that takes you to the login page.Login using your registered email and password or login using your Facebook/Google account
  • ☛ How do I place a post ?
  • ✔ Let’s say, you want to place a job vacancy. Click on Jobs from main menu. Click on the 'Post job' option (displayed in the new page) and fill out the form for submission, alternatively you can find an option to post job in your profile. Once your post is approved by admin, you will receive an email regarding approval of your post.
  • ☛ Are all the postings free of cost ?
  • ✔ Not all! Every registered member gets the privilege to place a limited number of free posts. Duration of posts can be:
    1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months which the member can choose.
    Free posting limits
    Jobs: 5
    Casting: 5
    Classifieds : 5
    Notice board: 5
    Films: 5
  • After free posting limits, each post will be charged based on duration chosen. Price list can be viewed in member's profile.

    ☛ How do I apply for a job vacancy ?
  • ✔ Click on a job vacancy of interest. A new page showing detailed description of the job vacancy will be displayed. Click on the apply button (Only a registered member can apply). Create and upload your resume and update your profile (if not done already) while applying.
  • ☛ How do I subscribe for an email alert ?
  • ✔ Click on 'Create email alert’ for similar posts displayed on detailed description page of posts and follow instructions , alternatively you can create alerts from your profile.
  • ☛ Are email alerts free of cost ?
  • ✔ Email alerts are free of cost for a period of 1 month from the date of subscription of first alert by a user (any no. of subscriptions can be made during this period). Alerts are chargeable after this period based on duration chosen. Duration options are available as 1 month, 3months, 6months, and 12 months. Price list can be viewed in member's profile.
  • ☛ What is a service profile? How is it beneficial to me ?
  • ✔ A registered member (Company/Freelancer) can promote their services by creating service profile for free of cost. Service profiles can contain detailed description of services in addition to resume/website link. A freelancer can promote his skills using service profile and get noticed by employers.
    Employers increase reputation and brand value by promoting their services through service profile.
  • ☛ What is live diary ?
  • ✔ Information on this topic will be available shortly!
  • ☛ Are Classified ads and advertisements the same?
  • ✔ No, they aren’t!
    Classified ads are ads posted for buying/selling technical related goods in industry. These are displayed as posts on Advertisements refer to commercial ads that can be placed on on chargeable basis. These are the advertisements that appear on
  • ☛ How do I place advertisements on ?
  • ✔ For posting advertisment, Contact or call +(91)-22-42145000
  • ☛ What are the charges for advertising my product on ?
  • ✔ Duration of Ad can be 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months which the user can choose.!. For more details Click Here
  • ☛ I can't view the map while clicking on the 'View map' link. Why?
  • ✔ On clicking on 'View map' link, map is displayed in a popup window. Popups are usually blocked by most browsers. Popup Blockers are browser default setting. If pop-ups are blocked on a site, the address bar will show an option to enable pop-ups. You can allow pop-ups manually.
  • ☛How can i navigate back to my profile main page from other profile pages, in mobile or other small screen devices?
  • ✔ From the menu, on clicking on your profile name, it takes you to the profile main page.
  • ☛ Haven’t found the information you are looking for ?
  • ✔ Contact or call +(91)-22-42145000

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