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Product / Services with pricing Structure

When a user creates a profile in the portal, user has to identify himself as an Employer or a Freelancer. Multiple profiles are not allowed on the same email address.

For Employers :

☞ Create Postings - Jobs/Castings/Noticeboard/Classified
  • Create PRODUCTION JOB- Recruit crew/staff/writers
  • Create CASTING CALL - Book artists
  • Create CLASSIFIED - Buy/Sell equipment
  • Create NOTICEBOARD - Publicise event/screening
  • Create CLASSIFIED - Buy/Sell equipment
  • Create NOTICEBOARD - Publicise event/screening
  • Create Services - Promote services
  • First five postings in any category is free of charge

    ☞ Live diary
  • Employer can search for freelancers using different search criteria
  • They can search for multiple services simultaneously,compare freelancer activities in a monthly/yearly basis calendar and thus save time in finding the right choice.
  • Usage of Live Diary is free for Employers

    For Freelancers :

    ☞ Create Services
    ☞ Create profile in Live Diary
    ☞ Get Email Notification

    Usage of Live Diary and Email Alerts are free for one month.


    • 1 month (INR) : ₹300
    • 3 month (INR) : ₹500
    • 6 month (INR) : ₹900
    • 12 month (INR) : ₹1500

    Live Daiary

    • 1 month (INR) : ₹300
    • 3 month (INR) : ₹500
    • 6 month (INR) : ₹900
    • 12 month (INR) : ₹1500

    Email Alert

    • 1 month (INR) : ₹300
    • 3 month (INR) : ₹500
    • 6 month (INR) : ₹900
    • 12 month (INR) : ₹1500

    Refund Policy :

    All postings are to be approved by the Web Admin before they are displayed. Refund is admissible if a posting/service is not approved by Web Admin for any reason. After the approval of a posting/service by Web Admin refund of a cancelled service will be at the discretion of Web Admin.

    The user can terminate display of his postings / services by logging onto his account and stopping the postings/service. The duration of payment period is ranging from one month, three months, semi annual, and annual. Once a payment is made and the posting/service is approved by the Web Admin, refund is generally not admissible.

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